Sous Vide Kickstarter

I would appear that Sous Vide Kickstarter is going to bring sous vide machines into the home with two products launched and funded on the site: Nomiku and Sansaire

Between the two projects $1,000,000 has been raised for the start-ups which is nothing short of phenomanol!

But why are people getting behind these projects to such an extent? It is not like immersion circulators aren’t already available? What is so unique about these that gets grass roots support?

I’d suggest that there is something in the air - a sort of guerilla movement in gastronomy. Just look at all of the pop-up restaurants that are … popping up, the supper clubs that are taking dinner parties into a new direction. Something of the DIY aspect of foodies is infecting even the gadgets they use.

There are plenty of designs for DIY sous vide machines - and these two Kickstarter projects are DIY for the masses. Or maybe that is letting others DIY on your behalf?

The two sous-vide machines that I’ve mentioned are both superficially very similar but as I’ve yet to test either of them I can’t comment further - but I am interested in their similar beginnings.