Bombay coffee ice cream needs some real good coffee… so where to ge tit from, how to make it? Well we go with the aeropress from aerobie … aha, you’re wondering why we wouldn’t use an espresso machine..


well, the accepted wisdom it that you’d want to concentrate the coffee flavour by using the minimum amount of water - so to avoid making watery ice cream, or getting ice crystals… and of course plenty of ice cream makers would use powdered milk to try and cancel out the additional water (something entirely against the ethos here at Bombay Ice Cream) so we’ve go a clever trick…. how about if we don’t use water at all… how about if we use milk to extract the flavour directly from the coffee… still keeping it pure. just use the aeropress coffee maker with milk instead of water? Everything else is the same, same filters same aeropress technique, same timing… how cool are we here at Bombay Ice Cream?